Obama For America


The historic election of Barack Obama in 2008 could not have happened without the enthusiastic participation of every segment of the population. With that in mind, the “Obama For America” campaign sought Del Sol Group to garner support among key Latino leaders nationally and in the Southwest. The OFA campaign priority, which became Del Sol Group’s priority, was to create and coordinate multipleGet Out The Vote campaigns in key states with significant Latinopopulations, including Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina. This task was complicated by the diversity within the Latino communities in the various regions of the country. The enormous success of previous Latino citizenship drives meant that these campaigns had to be directed at individuals with varying degrees of English language acquisition.


Our goal was to organize Latinos and Spanish-speakers to turn out the vote and ensure victory for Obama. That goal was reached through the use of several innovative and guided campaign tactics:

  • 100 Latino Leaders Initiative – Los/Las Cien: a statewide network in California of 100 Latino Leaders for the Obama Nos Llama! Caravanastrips, and phone banking to Latino communities. Each of the 100 Latino Leaders was tasked to confirm 10 people who are willing to participate in Caravans to the neighboring battleground state of Nevada. These”Mil Voces”(One Thousand Voices) became a monumental and proud accomplishment for all California Latinos, and for the national Obama Campaign.
  • Uno Por Uno – One By One: Latino Voter Registration& Phone Banking:a network of Latino and Spanish-Speaking volunteers that were a critical part of our campaign that provided direct contact to families in Nevada.
  • AbogadosPorCambio – Latino Voter Protection: a group of Latino& Spanish-speaking lawyers and law students who ensured that Latinos’ voting rights were protected.


  • This campaign was the first time that Latinos throughout California were organized to support Latino vote efforts in battleground states such as Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas, and Florida.
  • This successful strategy was adopted and implemented in the subsequent Presidential campaign of 2012.
  • As the overall voter turnout decreased from the Presidential Elections of 2004 to 2008, the Latino voter turnout increased in that same timeframe.
  • This increase in Latino voter turnout is especially encouraging given that the raw number of Latinos also increased, with about 2 million Latinos casting their vote for the first time in 2008.
  • Latinos also made up a greater percentage of the overall electorate, from 6.0% in 2004 to 7.4% in 2008.
  • More Latino voters, voting in larger numbers, equals increased Latino clout!
  • Due in large part to the impact of this campaign, Alma Márquez was asked to serve as an Advisor to the historic PBS documentary “Latinos 08,” which captured the complexity of the Latino Vote in the United States, a demographic that so many continue to try to understand.
  • Additionally, because of her tireless work, Alma served as a member of the Latino Leaders Advisors Committee for the White House.