Claudette Contreras

In-house Consultant: Claudette Contreras Design

Claudette Contreras is an incredibly creative and results-driven designer who has a professional knack for understanding her clients, branding and telling a visual story. With over 17 years of experience in design and the advertising industry, Claudette’s ability to translate ideas and emotions through visual elements is unparalleled. Her clients repeatedly remark that she truly “gets” them as she helps them see the big picture, and their product and business from different perspectives. Among her prestigious clients are UCLA, Disney, Wells Fargo, Time Warner, Honda Motors, Comcast, as well as the State of California and the City of Los Angeles.

An initial freelance job and lifelong love for all things art were the catalysts to create Claudette Contreras Design, an independent design consultancy based in Los Angeles, California. Claudette has experience working with big ad agencies, boutique agencies & design firms, including studios like Disney with many different departments. By working with professional shops both big & small, Claudette has mastered how to be adaptable and amenable to client needs on demand, everything from production to art direction, branding, concept development, illustration, design, product launches & lots of new business. She has extensive experience in art direction, project management, client management and correspondence, and efficient print production procedures.

From a technical perspective, Claudette’s highly skilled in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Acrobat as well as XHTML/CSS, Dreamweaver, Flash and After Effects. She has thorough knowledge of paper, preparation for pre–press and print production workflow as well as marketing and advertising processes.

Over the years, she’s learned how to make quality and efficient products on a tight budget for her “sweetspot” clients in the non-profit sector. She enjoys being able to contribute in a big way to their cause.

She is committed to opening doors of opportunity to youth who simply need practical “this is how you do it” guidance to pursue a higher education. The students’ dreams and drive motivate her to lead the Scholarship Association for ESL Students (SAESL), a non-profit founded by her mother, a former English teacher for 27 years ago. Claudette loves a good book and actually claims it would be impossible to live without reading groovy magazines. She is proud to have checked off completing the Los Angeles Marathon from her bucket list!