Alma Vivian Márquez

Alma Vivian Márquez

President and Chief Executive Officer

Alma V. Marquez, Founder of Del Sol Group, has over 25 years of experience in finding solutions to complex problems and a vast network of allies locally and nationally. A highly regarded strategist and public affairs expert, Alma’s ability to envision and implement winning strategies and tactics has earned her a reputation as a game changer.

Robert "Bobby" Verdugo

Robert “Bobby” Verdugo

Leadership Development

Bobby brings decades of community organizing and leadership development experience to Del Sol Group. As the Vice President of Leadership Development, Bobby leads our training and leadership development programs to support our clients with their capacity building needs.  Bobby Verdugo was a leader of the historic 1968 high school walkouts of East Los Angeles, a historic student-led effort to bring education reform to the disenfranchised schools on the Eastside. In addition to educational and policy improvements, the walkouts brought about a remarkable increase in Chicano enrollment at UCLA, from only 40 students in 1967, to 1,200 students in 1969. He was portrayed in the HBO docudrama “Walkout” about these events. Bobby is also featured in the critically acclaimed PBS documentary “CHICANO – The History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement.”

In-House Consultants


Claudette Contreras

Del Sol Group Outreach Team

DEL SOL OUTREACH TEAM… has the capacity to grown on demand!

Del Sol Group has a guerrilla outreach approach, a non-traditional, feet on the streets team including reaching out to the public at-large through community canvassing and outreach efforts at important neighborhood locations such as laundromats, churches, local shopping centers, community businesses, among others. Del Sol Group has extensive reach and a team of professional Community Outreach workers with whom we’ve expanded from a team of two up to a team of 300 as our projects have required. These Community Outreach Teams handle our grassroots outreach. They are a highly-motivated team who has extensive experience in community engagement, campaigns, and outreach efforts. They range in regional experience, racial composition, and language capabilities. Alma our founder has personally trained these Outreach Team members and work with them over a 12-year span. Our Community Outreach Team is also a key part of our overall efforts. We have the capacity to grow on demand and we will support you in determining which is best suited to fulfill your project’s needs.