Robert “Bobby” Verdugo

Leadership Development


Bobby brings decades of community organizing and leadership development experience to Del Sol Group. As the Vice President of Leadership Development, Bobby leads our training and leadership development programs to support our clients with their capacity building needs. Bobby Verdugo was a leader of the historic 1968 high school walkouts of East Los Angeles, a historic student-led effort to bring education reform to the disenfranchised schools on the Eastside. In addition to educational and policy improvements, the walkouts brought about a remarkable increase in Chicano enrollment at UCLA, from only 40 students in 1967, to 1,200 students in 1969. He was portrayed in the HBO docudrama “Walkout” about these events. Bobby is also featured in the critically acclaimed PBS documentary “CHICANO – The History of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement.”

Prior to DSG, Bobby developed his Leadership Development and Relationship-Building skills as Senior Program and Training Specialist with the National Compadres Network (NCN), whose mission is to strengthen, rebalance, and/or redevelop the traditional “Compadre” extended family system. From 2007 to 2010, Bobby served as the Community Development Coordinator at Bienvenidos Family Service and was responsible for the development and coordination of the SPA 7 Community Collaborative, which enhanced his Coalition and Alliance Building and Strategic Partnership skills.

Because of his work with fathers and families, Mr. Verdugo has been invited to speak at symposiums and conferences across the country, and was invited to participate in the 2003 International Fatherhood Summit in Oxford, England. Recently, Mr. Verdugo proudly delivered the keynote speech for the 16th Annual Latino Graduation at the University of Notre Dame.

He served as a lead organizer of the “Obama Nos Llama 2008” effort in East Los Angeles that was instrumental in electing President Barack Obama in 2008.

Born, raised, and still living in the East Los Angeles area, Mr. Verdugo attended UCLA and graduated from California State University at Los Angeles with a degree in Social Work. He is also a family man, married to his high school sweetheart, Yoli, who is also portrayed in the HBO movie Walkout, and is the proud father of two daughters, Monica and Maricela.

Affiliations and Awards

Advisory Board Member & Consultant, National Compadres Network & National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute

National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families, and President of the Board of Directors

National Advisory Boardmember, Johns Hopkins University Native American Fatherhood Project

Boardmember, Center for Family Policy and Practice (CFFPP)

Member, US Office of Child Support Enforcement’s National Hispanic/Latino Forum

Member, Prevention Advisory Council, established by California’s Office of Child Abuse Prevention