Leadership Development & Trainings

Developing the skill-sets and confidence of leaders is a cornerstone of community development and civic engagement.

At Del Sol Group, we are committed to building community capacity through strategic leadership development opportunities and facilitating key trainings for all members of the community, regardless of status or standing. We are particularly skilled at serving the hardest to reach: that is low-income, African Americans, Latinos, native Spanish speakers, and functionally illiterate members of our community. We help you empower the disenfranchised. We are also highly-regarded trainers for professionals and students alike, with over 7 decades of collective training and leadership development experience. We are proud to work with student organizations, professional groups, and networks to build their capacity, their network, and their own personal and professional toolkits. Trainings and modules are customized based on our clients’ needs and we’re especially excited to develop signature programs and learning opportunities for our partners, their staffs, and their clients.