Community Organizing & Civic Engagement

REAL Grassroots Organizing Experience translates into authentic civic engagement and community action.

With a longstanding and documented history of authentic community organizing and winning campaigns, Del Sol Group is one of the nation’s leading policy, strategy, and public affairs firms founded and staffed by unequivocal community organizers. With over 7 decades of combined community organizing experience, Del Sol Group knows how to win in true David versus Goliath fashion. We know how to maximize resources in any scenario. We organize for issues, causes, and leaders.

Civic engagement and community participation often paralyzes people who aren’t familiar with “how to get things done” in the community. Fortunately, you found us and this is our domain. The cornerstone of our approach is a deep appreciation for community, which is grounded in how we got started (read more in our About Us page). Our work will always be community-centered, culturally competent, and results-driven. We offer a variety of approaches depending on our clients’ needs – be them small- or large-scale processes and projects.

We develop and manage community forums, roundtable discussions, community coffees, BBQ’s and Carne Asadas, focus groups, meet and greets, door-to-door outreach, peer-to-peer education, large scale conferences and events, workshops, “Pláticas at the Park,” partnerships with the VFWs to connect with Veterans, church townhalls, partnerships with local businesses, voter registration and citizenship drives and pledges for progress. We thrive on the opportunity to develop creative solutions to community engagement challenges. We use our expansive toolkit or at times jump out of the box altogether to find the next “best practice.”