Charter School & Education Services

Helping Charter Schools, Education Reformers & Education Institutions Achieve Results for Educational Equity & Excellence

There is no more noble cause than to work for children and their future.

Del Sol Group is proud of our long history of working in education, including early education, parent education and engagement, joint-use projects, facilities, charters, community colleges and universities, and endowments, among other issues. We develop strategies and implement plans to build healthy relationships with parents, students, and business and community stakeholders. We are experts in meaningful parent engagement, student recruitment and school partnerships. We specialize in helping you serve historically underrepresented communities including low-income families, African Americans, monolingual Spanish speakers, Latinos and functionally illiterate populations.

We have such a strong commitment to education because we believe that access to high-quality education is critical our country’s future, and our children are counting on us getting it right.