African American & Latino Outreach and Cross-Racial Collaboration

Cultural Competency in an Ever-evolving World

Del Sol Group is particularly skilled in engaging both African American and Latino communities in a respectful and culturally sensitive way. For over two decades, senior members of our team have played key roles in engaging these two communities where political and social dynamics are hard to pinpoint but ever-present. Unlike other firms, Del Sol Group has a substantial track record of working with these two communities cohesively ensuring mutually beneficial results.

Our founder’s life experiences have informed the way we approach this work which sets Del Sol Group apart from our competition. As a teenager, her mentors were African American and Latino leaders who instilled in her an unwavering commitment to both communities when she organized with the African Latino Youth Summit (ALYS) to create safe and critical-thinking spaces for youth of color before and after the Los Angeles Civil Unrest of 1992. This history was defining for Del Sol Group and our commitment to important work in communities with emerging and historical African American and Latino populations.

Our fully bilingual and bicultural team is committed to ensuring access to and engagement from all ethnic communities.