Justice For Bell

Community Coalition Project


Justice for Bell was formed by a group of community residents, including young people and senior citizens, following the corruption scandal that garnered national headlines. Initially, they would meet to complain about the scandalous and shameless activities of the City Manager, Robert Rizzo, and the corrupt City Council. Del Sol Group was asked, as a favor, to meet with them to help them “think through” their next steps, and to help them develop a plan of action. This initial conversation led to the development a strategic plan.


Del Sol Group helped the coalition identify goals and measurable objectives, and develop a community-service plan, a political action plan, and a civic engagement plan.With limited funding resources, Del Sol Group helped the coalition to develop a process for civic engagement within the City of Bell. Del Sol Group has helped them manage their plan, identify resources that can be leveraged for sustainable community change, and evaluate the execution of their plan for their underserve community. With Del Sol Group’s consulting, they have been able to secure the support of the Grammy-winning musical group Ozomatli, California Forward, as well as the strong support of elected officials such as Supervisor Gloria Molina.


The Community Coalition coordinated a political campaign to elect a member to the Bell City Council. They partnered with California Forward to call for government accountability and transparency. Among the many accomplishments of the coalition:

  • They organized community education meetings and conducted community action research to better gauge what local residents want to see in their community;
  • Coalition members have learned about city budgeting and are providing that information to other residents with the hope that they too will get involved;
  • They’ve organized press conferences and organized marches and vigils to raise community awareness;
  • Despite having very little financial resources, other than monies raised at garage sales or food fundraisers, they have accomplished many of their programmatic and civic engagement goals, and have even included an evaluation component to their work.