Del Sol Group is Policy & Public Affairs firm specializing in Strategy, Outreach and Leadership. Our expertise is in designing insightful strategies, executing outreach programs that effectively engage communities and building leadership and relationships that impact organizations and institutions locally and nationally. We take responsibility for program management and for building strategic partnerships to ensure our clients’ success. We provide leadership on strategy and civic engagement to help our clients improve their communications, image, achieve their goals, and expand their network and relationships.

Del Sol Group is uniquely positioned to assist organizations to develop initiatives, strategies and organize communities in key public policy issues, as well as helping businesses flourish through strategic partnerships. Our clients include philanthropic organizations, businesses looking to grow and expand their reach, school districts, education reformers, charter schools, universities, community organizations, candidates running for office, campaign committees, and government agencies.

Let us work together. Email us at or call us at 323-725-7888 to explore how we can help you meet your goals.

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